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Meet a Maker: Ames Russell | Foodboro

Ames Russell

"If you haven’t tried AR’s Hot Southern Honey, you will soon. This Virginia-based food brand, started in 2016 by Ames Russell, is in 270+ stores in 15 states and growing rapidly. That might just be because the spicy honey goes well on just about everything! Though AR’s Hot Southern Honey...

Region’s First Pizza-By-the-Slice Food Truck Debuts | Henrico Citizen

Ames Russell

"'My favorite on the menu is the So Spice!,' Zorch said. 'I love the sweet and spicy combination from the hot honey and the jalapeños. All of the specials with AR’s Hot Southern Honey, a local Richmond honey, are fantastic, and I’m always going to have the hot honey out...

Holiday Gift Guide | Style Weekly

Ames Russell

"For the person who appreciates a little kick, AR's Hot Southern Honey delivers. Drizzle it over pizza crust, fried chicken and roasted veggies, or add it to homemade marinades and barbecue sauces. For that extra punch, try the extra spicy bourbon-barrel-aged variety." Laura Ingles for Style Weekly Click here to read the full...

Must-Watch Food and Beverage Makers in Every U.S. State | Foodboro

Ames Russell

"The entrepreneurial food scene in the United States is diverse. Companies across the country are constantly and creatively changing how we find, share, and eat our food. This is our list of must-watch makers." Foodboro Click here to read the full article.