AR's Hot Southern Honey


A Casual Guide to the Emporiyum | Metro Weekly

Ames Russell

"People looking for fun and healthy ways to flavor their food will enjoy the award-winning Hot Southern Honey products are both fun (spicy) and healthy (honey). They use only real Virginia sourced honey and real peppers to create amazing products which can be used as condiments on ingredients on sweet...

Made in Virginia 2018 Awards: Food Winners | Virginia Living

Ames Russell

"When Ames Russell garnished his fried chicken with honey and hot sauce, his wife suggested he mix the two together in a squeeze bottle to stay neater. Russell experimented with blends, coming up with a punchy but sweet honey that the whole family started drizzling on pizza, tacos, avocado toast,...

Seasonal Taste: Clare's Hot, Hot Toddy | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Ames Russell

"When I cast about for the general idea of those toddies from days of yore, they were relatively simple: whiskey, honey, lemon juice. Sometimes simple syrup, cinnamon sticks and cloves for good measure, too. Lovely ... but what if I "hotted" things up even further – with some hot Southern...

Meet a Maker: Ames Russell | Foodboro

Ames Russell

"If you haven’t tried AR’s Hot Southern Honey, you will soon. This Virginia-based food brand, started in 2016 by Ames Russell, is in 270+ stores in 15 states and growing rapidly. That might just be because the spicy honey goes well on just about everything! Though AR’s Hot Southern Honey...