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AR's Hot Southern Honey is a key ingredient in our sauces and BBQ cooking process.  Our KCBS BBQ scores have definitely improved since we incorporated this product into our program.

Chiles Childin, Wolf's Revenge BBQ

It starts sweet and rich like an all-natural honey should, but the flavor changes as it hits your palate, finishing with the perfect amount of heat.

The Food Channel

Drizzle the sweetness of AR's honey mixed with chilies over fried chicken, biscuits, pizza and goat cheese.

Richmond Magazine

Feeling spicy? This chili-infused southern honey is the perfect treat for that friend who carries a bottle of hot sauce with them at all times.

Virginia Foodie

The traditional mild variety packs a subtle bite, while the hot has a lingering, full-bodied flame for heat-seeking customers.

- Richmond Magazine

Eileen Mellon

Since incorporating AR's Hot Southern Honey in our program last year, we have seen a definite increase in our scores. The deeply flavored honey was just the addition we needed to raise our bar of success!

Todd and Pam Johnston, 2 Rhodies BBQ, LLC

Sweet, Hot and Southern - The Sweet Heat of the South®

Some like it sweet, others like it hot. Everyone loves Southern favorites that comfort the soul. How about mixing all three?

Family Recipes Made Better

When sweet is added to heat the heat is softened yet the flavor multiplies. When heat is added to sweet, the sweet elevates to a new dimension. Think honey on your Grandmothers fried chicken and then close your eyes and imagine it drizzled with AR’s (Ames’) Hot Southern Honey…

Try It On Your Favorites

Drizzle this unique blend of Southern honey and red chilies on fried chicken, yogurt, roasted vegetables (Brussel Sprouts and carrots), sliced apples, bananas, cheese, pizza, ice cream and more. Add it to marinade for chicken, pork or beef. Whisk into dressings, sauces and cocktails!


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