Specialty Food AR's Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Southern Honey


New Product: Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Southern Honey | Specialty Food Association

Ames Russell

"Reportedly the world’s first-ever Bourbon Barrel Aged Hot Southern Honey. This unique blend of wildflower and clover honeys, infused with chili peppers, is aged in charred, white oak bourbon barrels. The result is dreamy tones of salty caramel and vanilla bourbon with an ever-delightful sweet heat." Specialty Food Association Click here to...

Getting to Know: Ames J. Russell | Richmond Times-Dispatch

Ames Russell

"Best business decision: Chasing a lifelong dream of creating a food business.” Ames Russell to Richmond Times-Dispatch Click here to read the full article.  

Purveyor: AR’s Hot Southern Honey | Richmond Magazine

Ames Russell

"Ames Russell grew up drizzling honey on his fried chicken. The older he got, the more he found himself seeking the addition of heat to his honey. His wife had grown tired of ingredients (red pepper flakes, hot sauce, spices) sprawled across the kitchen and asked, “Can’t you find a...

Buy This: Three Ways to Get a Little More Honey in Your Day | AJC

Ames Russell

"Seems everything’s getting infused with chili peppers these days, and honey is no exception. Forgive us if we’re a little skeptical. Not everything needs to be hot. But we are here to tell you that AR’s Hot Southern Honey is terrific." C.W. Cameron for AJC Click here to read the full article.