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Ames Russell

Richmond BizSense Ames Russell

"Last winter, Ames Russell’s phone started ringing off the hook. He’d made a test batch of spicy, chili pepper-infused honey for friends and family as a holiday gift. By March, everyone had run out, and wanted to know where they could get more. “I sorta shrugged it off to begin with, thinking ‘you know, it was just something I did as a gift for the holiday,’" Russell said. “I gave away about 150 bottles of it to friends.” Spring and summer arrived, and Russell continued hearing positive feedback about his hot honey. “Over the next couple of months I kept getting phone calls, so I thought, ‘Hey, maybe I should look into this, maybe there’s something here,’” he said. AR’s Hot Southern Honey was born."

Mike Platania for Richmond BizSense

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