The World's First Hot Honey Cookbook

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AR’s Hot Southern Honey elevates the flavor palate of any meal with the perfect union of sweet and heat. Hot Honey Cookbook presents 6 palate-expanding recipes that make the most of AR’s delicious punch. Shop now on Amazon.


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Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a recent convert, you’ll love adding heat, depth, and a sweet twist to your dishes beyond just a tableside squeeze.

The mouthwatering recipes include:

- Honey Glazed Buffalo Wings

- Slow Cooker Hot Honey Chicken

- Bacon-Honey Cornbread

- Hot Honey Burger

- Hot Honey Drizzled Pizza

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Hot, Hot Heat: Hot Honey Cookbook in Richmond Magazine

Anna Ridilla takes a look behind the scenes of the first Hot Honey Cookbook to hit the market.

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Ames Russell, Founder of AR's Hot Southern Honey
Ames Russell, Founder of AR's Hot Southern Honey